Trials Of Unrest

Trials Of Unrest is a Third Person Adventure RPG game based where Owen, the main character, loses his pillow and becomes unable to sleep. The only way for him to find it is to search the town and run errands for the various citizens who also seem to have lost items dear to them.
Jam year: 
Destination: Happy Place - (Sponsored by Unity)
Kitchen sink
Spinal Tap
On the safe side
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
FMOD, Maya, Photoshop, Perforce, Pro Tools, Reaper, Logic
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the folder and run the executable. You'll probably need to click "Run Anyway" in the Windows 10 Security pop up.


Bart Hipp - Composer

Garin T - Writer

Jacob W - Programmer

Miguel Cintra - Sound Designer

Nathan Wilcox - Sound Designer

Nicole Tabb - 3D Artist

Samuel Bartels - Designer/Developer

Seth Rolfe - Designer/Developer

Travis Ousley - 3D Artist

Font - Manaspace by Codeman38 -

Asphalt Texture by Владислав -

Low-Poly-Trees by zedvenom -


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