Throughout the omni light

Kid in a coma, memory recovery. This game is about a kid trying to leave the state of coma, trying to break though the ethereal plane where he is into, by finding out, throughout the game, different things that makes him understand that he is not an entity, he is a kid that has to come back to his body. The gameplay develops in different scenes that are going to construct the kid’s personality and memory again. As far as we go on, the game becomes more clear, colorful and entire. Clarity is reached when he finally reaches de real world again and wakes up. TO MOVE: A left D right W,S to interact
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Get to the point
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Unity (any product)

Game Design                 Pedro Zalba

                                         Karen Stoessel

Arte 2D                           Carolina Rodriguez

                                        Andrés Miravalles

Programación               Lucas Gonzalez

Música                           Lorenzo Gutierrez

Apoyo moral                 Groovy

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Side Scroller