Taco's Cats

You are a person called Taco and you really need to do your laundry! But where are all the socks? Looks like your cats are having a blast stealing and hiding them! Distract your cats with catnip and find all the socks (and put them in the washing machine) to win!
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Input Keyboard/Mouse

    Movement - WASD
    Look - Mouse or Home/Delete/End/PageDown
    Collect Item - E
    Pick Up Sock - Space
    Throw Item - Right Click
    Drop Socks - R
    Quit Game - Tab

Input Gamepad

    Movement - Left Stick
    Look - Right Stick
    Collect Item - South Button
    Pick Up Sock - Button West
    Throw Item - Left Trigger
    Drop Socks - D-Pad Down
    Quit Game - North Button


Original 3D models

- "Cat", "Ice Skates" (-> socks)  by Poly, licensed under CC-BY 3.0

- "Washing machine" by Alex „SAFFY“ Safayan, licensed under CC-BY 3.0

- All other furniture: Big furniture pack



- Background loop:  Bouncy Ball by AllenBass, CC-0

- Throwing sound: LanzarFruta by JuanD20, CC-0

- "It's catnip" by lislis

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