Super Smash Lost

Super Smash Lost finds itself in an alternate universe, in wich famous people who disappeared fight each other for no apparent reason. Meet our wonderful cast: -Missing Link!, is he a human? i he an Ape? Can he use the bathroom without adult supervision? WHO KNOWS!! -Amelia Earhart!, has her sanity slipped completely from her after an unknown amount of time fighting random people? MAYBE, but isn´t she cute with her cardboard plane?!! -Wilson Noland! is he a a mentally unstable yet copyright free version of the main character from Castaway? Yes!, and he has a stick! And, last but not least we have... -Harold Holt! He comes from a land low under, were Kangaroos fight cows for the rigt to rule a southamerican country! Ps:(we didnt have enough budget to buy him real legs) Enjoy a paridisiacal island resort, or a non moving cruise in an old galley, while you fight this completely meaningless battle. Controls: W/up arrow = Jump A&D/side arrows = moves sideways SPACEBAR/right ctrl = hit Enjoy!
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Tu B'Shvat has arrived!
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Adrián Bayardi - Programmer

Manuel Suarez - Programmer

Andrés Latorres - Character Artist

Agustín Ferreira - Background Artist / UI Designer

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