Super Aka Jump

Play Super Aka Jump today! Control Aka the Red Panda, our loveable protagonist, and help him take back his forest from the evil Booker Gang! The Booker Gang have built a library in Aka’s Bamboo forest, disturbing his peace. Use the collectables, to power yourself up, and reclaim the ground Aka has lost in this crazy adventure! Gameplay Guide: The gameplay starts once the camera stops moving. From there control your character and venture forwards to the right. Traverse the level and avoid the spikes. Try talking to anything you see by pressing Z. Control Guide: A & D or Left Arrow & Right Arrow: Move left and Right Space Bar: Jump Z: Interact/Talk R: Restart the level Alt-F4: Close/Exit the game
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Made by Dylan Butt, Benjamin T. Summers and Jacob Bradford
Music in Background from HTTPS://WWW.FESLIYANSTUDIOS.COM


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