Submarine Adventures

Up to 3 divers can swim locally into this shoot'em up-like game, with horizontal scrolling. The scene takes place under the sea looking for some lost treasures. Here no violence is allowed, so the only ammos you get are bubbles you throw at cute fishes. Bubbles are lead by gravity and go up to the surface after a while, and they are not effective anymore at this time. That means you have to get close to the fishes to get rid of them. It is an endless game, where the goal is to get the maximum score per player before being overwrowded ! You need any USB gamepad controller to be able to play. The buttons are mapped like the ones on XBox controllers. Enjoy ! PS : as this year event is online, i couldn't team with other people, so i only did what i know, i mean coding ! All Gfx are taken from the Internet, and there is no sound at the end of the given time. Sorry dudes ! Hope next year it will be IRL ;)
Jam year: 
On the safe side
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
This game is powered by the python ARCADE gaming library. Check the official website here : [] I added a personal homemade code-framework on top of it. This ECS framework has a data-oriented-design.
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Side Scroller