Stones weigh in the heart

Daisy is lost in the Temple of Life. She has powerful abilities, and yet the Temple won't make it easy for her. To advance through each of it chambers, she will have to discard her beloved faculties one by one, from more to less precious, until he finds her final exit. Description: • Platforms and Puzzles Game in which the player has 3 main skills. With them you must reach up to 3 altars. • In each of these altars, you will lose the ability of the same color as that altar, so you have to think carefully about the correct order in which to overcome each level.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Installation Instructions: 

LINK TO DOWNLOAD BELOW THE IMAGES. To play the game just open the file LF.exe

We recommend to use a controler, but can also be played with keyboard.

Keyboard controls: A-D to move, Space to Dash, E to Rise, S to Stomp, R to Restart.


Ana Ares Brenes - Art/Animation

Ignacio Castellano Yañez - Design

Pablo Lueiro Valencia - Design

Carlos Martínez Pérez - Programming

Mario Rodríguez Ávila - Programming

Pedro Sanz Herrero - Programming

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