Squeaky Snake

Two player online game (with single player mode) in which one player, Squeaky Snake, controls a snake hidden in a ball pit. The other player, Santa Claws, operates a claw machine, trying to score more points than Squeaky before running out of coins - and if Santa gets lucky, he will be able to catch the snake.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Game with multiplayer and single player mode. Multiplayer mode requires an Internet connection. Connects with any other player playing the game. If you play with two players, one player chooses to play with Squeaky Snake and one with Santa Claws. Despite a few technical flaws, the game works reasonably well and gives a nice taste of the gameplay. This is a game jam game and contains some technical errors. In case the game stops working, we recommend to close it and open it again.
Installation Instructions: 
  1. Unzip the file SqueakySnake_windows_macOS.zip
  2. Windows users open Squeaky Snake.exe in the SqueakySnake_windows folder.
    macOS users open the SqueakySnake_macOS app

Enjoy the game! You can play by yourself, or double the fun in the multiplayer mode. If the game gets stuck while waiting to connect to a friend or near the end of the game, restart the game and relaunch it to play another session.





Sebastian Mollet (Freelance 3D Artist): Art & Concept Design

Jerry van den Heuvel (Studio Manager at PreviewLabs): Programming & Concept Design

Bernard Francois (Founder at PreviewLabs): Programming & Concept Design






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