Sniffing For Cereal

Search a SPOOKY grocery store in search of your favorite breakfast snack: Cereal! Us your KEEN nose to sniff out the cereals location! Be careful however, as everyone else in the store wants that sweat and delicious cereal. Defend yourself by throwing anything you can find! Featuring state of the art ragdoll physics! Have fun shopping in this surreal nightmare! Created with the Portland Indie Game Squad! Controls: [WASD] - to move [Shift] - Sprint [E] - to sniff [F] - to kick [Left mouse] - pick objects up [Right mouse] - to throw objects Tips: Sniffing will display a green overlay, the brighter the overlay, the closer you are to the cereal! Pick it up and bring it back to the register to win the game. Try throwing items at your fellow shoppers! How to win: Find the cereal, pick it up, and bring it to where you started If you play this game and want to comment, please do so on the itch io page!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Unzip the directory and run the application "Sniffing For Cereal"



Programming & Modeling

Zachary Morello

Jackson Hart

Brendan Moore

Character Scripting

Jackson Hart

Zachary Morello

Map Design

Zachary Morello


Zachary Morello


Bowl Of Cereal by Meerschaum Digital, Creative Commons
Food & Grocery Items -Low Poly by OneCoinGames

Sound Effects

Footstep 04 By Ladislav Weyrostek,

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