Slime Time

Slime Time is a local multiplayer and scavenger hunt game for 2-4 people! (keyboard and console controllers) The Slime King promises players a handsome reward to those who bring back his most valued children! Compete with your friends to bring back the most slimes and gather the greatest reward, but be careful of too many slimes weighing you down. Thankfully, the King is more than happy to accept any number of children until they all come home, but be wary of other players trying to steal your slimes to get the best reward! Players can dash, attack, and steal other players' slimes! Carrying too many might weigh you down, but most importantly have fun!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
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Play the executable and make sure you have enough controllers!


Casey Seitz - Programmer

Daniel Bowen - Programmer

Marisa Hike - 3D Artist

Jeremiah Garay - 3D Artist

Zachary Brockman - 2D Artist

Lawerence Kelly - Sound and Music Design

Tim Garay - Voice Acting

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Third Person