Rolling On

Our protagonist, Skater, has lost their bff. They must skate again to find their peace and healing. It's time to Roll on... In Gameboy Emulator your key bindings / controller settings may be different, but the basic actions are: Movement: Left / Right, Jump: A button
Jam year: 
Destination: Happy Place - (Sponsored by Unity)
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Technology Notes: 
GBDK 2020 used to write and compile a rom that runs on GameBoy. Fire up a GameBoy emulator, and load in the .gb file. Emulcious emulator was used during development.
Installation Instructions: 

Grab a GameBoy emulator if you don't have one. (We used Emulicious during development so we can only guarantee it runs on Emulicious).

Download the .rar, unzip for file

Load it in to your GameBoy emulator.


Alex Serna - Game Programming, Design

Matt McCord - Design, Art, Music & Related Programming

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