Squire 4 Hire

You play as a lowly squire, attending every need of the revered knight Sir Fights-a-Lot. You must dodge arrows and sword swings as you dash around the battlefield in service of your champion. The good Sir needs to fight endless waves of evil creatures and other ungodly beings, and requires you to aid him in whatever way you can. Ever so often, due to his massive muscle getting in the way, the good Sir will slip up and drop a weapon, gauntlet, potion or other accessory. As a squire, it is YOUR job to retrieve these lost items while dodging the dangers of the battlefield. Missing out on any items will, of course, be docked from your paycheck, so make sure you don't leave anything behind. You have kids to feed. Because of your low social status you are completely replaceable, so if you happen to bite an arrow or attempt to wrestle a broadsword you will be replaced with a new squire in a heartbeat. This means that even Sir-Fights-a-Lot's sword swings can hurt you. -------- Objective: gather as much money as you can before inevitably perishing on the battlefield. --Controls-- Movement: WASD Dash/Dodge: Space
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MS Windows, Linux / Unix
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Unity (any product)
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Aseprite Audacity Adobe Audition Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects
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Unzip and run the executable. 


Rasmus R

Mathias M

Malin R

Markus L

Walter G

Paul V


Music: Used track is called "OST 05 Go Go Go" by artist "sawsquarenoise". The Music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. It is attributed to user sawsquarenoise in freemusicarchive.org, the music we used can be found here

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