You woke up in the attic, surrounded by the old furniture and dusty walls. Mysterious creatures lurk around the corners - they're seeking you. The glowing hiding places can help you escape their line of sight, though not for long. Collect the crates and stay clear of their claws to survive the night. Good luck, hold onto your courage and don't give up - nothing else matters.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
We used Autodesk 3ds Max & Maya for our 3D models, Mixamo for the animations, Logic Pro & REAPER for our sound assets, FMOD to integrate them into Unity, GIT & GitKraken for the versionning, Discord & the Google Drive tools to organize outselves.
Installation Instructions: 

- download the .zip file
- unzip it
- double-click Game.exe to launch the game


Yann Roirand ---------------- [Yann Roar] --------- Prod

Sebastien Gaumin -------- [Cocalero] ----------- Lead Dev
Elon Elbeze ------------------- [Elon] ------------------ Dev

Melissa Juste ---------------- [JosyVoyance] --- Lead Sound
Guillaume d'Arcy-Orga --- [Choucroute] ------ Sound

Axel Suzanne ----------------- [MorriganVH] ----- 3D GFX
Chloé Morel ------------------- [Jezzos] ------------- 3D GFX

Benjamin Ramaugé ------- [Treveur] ------------ GD
Antoine Brousse ------------ [twnbrs] ------------- GD

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