Oh no ! You've lost your partner during one of your adventures, and you need to travel some kind of ruins to get reunited with them. Gather elemental stones to interact with your environment and free yourself !
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MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
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It's a "touklakos" build, but at least it's a little peak of what we made during 2 days. It's been improved since, but we fear we won't have the time to build another one before the deadline, so here goes nothing XD. Be sure to follow the itch.io page to see the full game (WIP) !


Younes Balandjian : What can't he do ? I wonder...        
(Game producer, narrative designer, game designer, level designer, sound designer, assistant developer, team manager, project manager, assistant 2D/3D/VFX artist, motivation manager...)
Yaëlle Drévillon : 3D Artist
Iliana Gauthier : 2D/3D Artist
Laetitia Saulnier : Developer

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