Parallax Nova

During a space adventure, you lost your way and floated into unknown territory. Armed with a single blaster, you must defeat the aliens that try to harm you and collect the items you need to build a ship and find your way home.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Blender FLStudio Krita
Installation Instructions: 

Download the zip, extract, and play the file with the logo as the icon.


"Parallax Nova\n" +
                "\n" +
                "Team Coordinator\n" +
                "MartinJimbobBrockett\n" +
                "\n" +
                "Lead Programmer\n" +
                "MartinJimbobBrockett\n" +
                "\n" +
                "Lead Asset Design and Creation\n" +
                "Brian Lätt\n" +
                "\n" +
                "Lead Sound Design\n" +
                "PEGONTHETRACK\n" +
                "\n" +
                "Sound Design Assistant\n" +
                "Darkxiety\n" +
                "\n" +
                "Translators\n" +
                "\n" +
                "German\n" +
                "Nina Menke\n" +
                "\n" +
                "French\n" +
                "Charlie Finney\n" +
                "\n" +
                "Made In Unity\n" +
                "Models Created in Blender\n" +
                "Music Created in FLStudio\n" +
                "\n" +
                "Special Thanks To\n" +
                "The ASDA Delivery guy\n" +
                "Just Eat\n" +
                "Dodo Pizza\n" +
                "Uber Eats\n" +
                "Tefal and their frying pans\n" +
                "Relentless\n" +
                "Coca Cola\n" +
                "GIGABYTE\n" +
                "Brian who held it together through the War of The Bones\n" +
                "The entire SoundHub Discord Server\n" +
                "Rick Astley for not giving me up\n" +
                "Chris for getting the French translations for me\n" +
                "Everyone who messaged and supported\n" +
                "Mike Richards for hosting another amazing Global Game Jam\n" +
                "Will Blewitt and Ian Evans for being amazing staff members\n" +
                "Zoom for actually letting all of us at once watch the intro video\n" +
                "Nvidia for making epic graphics cards\n" +
                "My housemate Finley for being funny moral support\n" +
                "Toto for blessing the rains down in Africa\n" +
                "Douwe Egberts for the best instant coffee\n" +
                "Me for not having a complete mental shutdown\n" +
                "Also me for not trying to make a JRPG this time\n" +
                "\n" +
                "And finally...\n" +
                "Global Game Jam themselves!\n" +
                "\n" +
                "\n" +
                "\n" +
                "Thanks for playing! <3\n";

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