Where are you?

I was originally planning to make a game with a slideshow, but after running into lots of issues I returned back to my drawingboard and started from scratch. Therefore I didn't have that much time left so the "end result of the project" turned out to be quite small. The game has a moment where you, the player, get to choose which path you are going to follow in this 10 secons-or-so long point and click adventure! Out of 20 hours I spent on working on my jam project, the last 10 were directed towards the "final project I stuck with".
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On the safe side
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Adobe Photoshop 2021
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Install the zip file that has been uploaded to the Executable-section > Unzip the zip file > Open the extracted folder > Drectory > release > Open "whereareyou.app" folder if you are using Mac, or "Whereareyou-3.0-pc" folder if you are using either PC or Linux. > After a folder or two (depending on which one you picked) you should come accross the .exe -file. This will open the game.


This was a solo project by AVARA aka Markus K.
Sound effect(s) have been monetized from audio clip(s) (licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License) provided by freesound.org.

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Point & Click