Once Upon a Star

Stars and constellations can also be lonely, lost in time and space, in responsibilities and stereotypes. Once Upon a Star is a story of the road and change, not only for the lost, but also for those seeking their place in the vast universe. Game is a combination of 2D platformer with some deep visual storytelling. Control keys: AD - walking left/right, SHIFT - sprint, SPACEBAR / W - jump, Left mouse button / J - attack, Right mouse button / K - dash, P / ESC - Pause . Remember to collect stars and pet the snails :)
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Destination: Happy Place - (Sponsored by Unity)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Dragonbones - for animations (great open source program for skeletal animation)
Installation Instructions: 

Download from the link below Once Upon A Star.zip file from google drive, unpack and run .exe file.  

There is some lag beetween first and second scene, don't worry after 1-3 clicks it should go further :) 

Yes,  we had to remove main menu (it was beautiful, believe  us!) and there is no music - but  it's easy to imagine the sound of stars! :D






chomash:  programming

enzer : level & game design, animation, art

pajonk: concept & character art, enviro

iamarebel: animation, art, narrative


Special thanks to:

- Hiena - for English text corrections 

- Miraine - for 'hardware' support

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Side Scroller