Office Simulator

This game is about a certain type of project management hell: The one where the endless supply of information overwhelms and utterly destroys any and all processes for keeping the project organized. You are a office worker working in an important project, and for once you thought you were prepared: Your files were ready and organized for each of the 5 meetings you were going to attend to present the project and get the promotion you so deserve. However as the meetings come closer and the project is engulfed by time and entropy, your files grow ever messier. Now in the meetings the people are hotshots and they don't take kindly to people not being prepared and ambitious. So you better find the right files to upload to the meeting to get things moving, or else! Gameplay: Open folders with left click. Drag files to the chat meeting window on the right to upload them. Press the up and previous arrow on the top scroll bar to browse up and previous files.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Godot Engine
Technology Notes: 
Tools used: Godot Game Engine Gimp Audacity Tracktion Waveform Google Drive Hardware synth Arturia Drumbrute
Installation Instructions: 

Should be enough to unzip and run Team Stonks FGJ.exe


Team Stonks:

jukeri - coding, music, audio

Girdeux - coding, graphics

Niko Nikkilä - writing

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