Nibbles dream of electric mice

It's been a while this V fella found me and toke me in... but from time to time I remember what it was to live on the streets, full of danger and opportunity every in dark corner. Sometimes I still wake from those dreams with my claws out and the taste of flesh nuTuna in my mouth... I remember the 1st time V brought me some, the bastard didn't even bother to open the package. Through the city I wander, in search for food and some comfort, deep down we all do the same thing. The new cyber ware brings some advantages but sometimes I just wish I could forget it all and get lost in the city.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Game Design: Zozimo e Artur
Code: Zozimo e Artur
Art: Zozimo
Level Design: Artur

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