​ Medic! Concept A medic is exploring a torn-apart battlefield. Now the battle is over and medic has to find survivors and help them with their wounds. Be careful, as enemy forces are bombarding the area and bombings will shred you to pieces. Save all those poor souls! Genre: Top-down 3D Platforms: PC. Core Loop Explore => Find the survivor => Reach in time => Cure him with right tools => Refill the hope meter Mechanics ________ Use mouse to move the character and reach corpses and rotate the camera. Use the right tools to save the survivor in limited time! (Default time: 10 (?) ) Banana Toilet paper Anti-Depressant Hope meter is refilled to an extend everytime a survivor is saved based on their wound type. Buttshot. (Toilet paper) Internal bleeding. (Anti-Depressant) Lost his brain (Banana) Too much dirt on his face (Toilet paper) Dirty socks (Depressant) Mental breakdown (Banana) Wet himself (Toilet paper) Dynamics ________ LMB - Move character/Interact ESC - Pause
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Game Tags: 
Point & Click