Martian Standoff

Martian Standoff is a local 2 player stealth game in which you play as one of two rival aliens that can shape-shift into a target by killing them. Hide yourself amongst the crowd to deceive your opponent while collecting damage upgrades and keeping track of your opponent's movements. Beware of getting too close to your rival and triggering a Standoff! Martian Standoff is a battle of reactions and stealth to sneak up on your opponent to gain the upper hand and shoot first. Player 1 Controls: WASD: Movement Space: Kill Player 2 Controls: Arrows: Movement Right Shift: Kill
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Clickteam Fusion

Harris Debenham - Mechanics design & Environment art

Rajan Bhatoy - Lead Programmer

Katherine Russell - Assistant Programmer

Cameron Gibbon - Sound Design for your ears

Katherine Bricheno - Art


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