The realm has been "lost" to previous conflicts. You've "found" a location to rebuild after a long time of searching for somewhere to laydown roots. Unfortunately, near-by inhabitants aren't as friendly as you would have hoped. Better defend your abode, lest you lose your life. Prototype Tower Defence / Strategy game where you are able to place buildings and send troops to defend your Keep. Supports up to 4 players with plans to support 9. (1 human vs 8 AI for example). Mouse/Pointer device driven: click on your keep to select it. click on a tile to send troops from your Keep to your selected tile. Additionally WASD/ARROWS and Joypad support allows for the view to pan around the map. As expected of a solo GameJammer, many features incomplete/not included.
Jam year: 
Kitchen sink
On the safe side
Snail's Pace
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Built in Unity 2020.1.4 using VS 2019 Community Ed. for code-behind. Developed on a Windows 10 and not tested on any other platform. Models from Low Poly Ultimate asset pack and Prototypes asset pack.
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Game Tags: 
Point & Click