The Lost Recipe of the Titanic

You are the great grandchild of the Titanic's Head Baker, and grew up hearing stories of the once mighty vessel. When he passed, you found his journal in which he tells of an amazing secret recipe he left sealed onboard as she went down. Search the sunken wreck of the titanic for clues, and find your ancestors lost recipe. The Lost Recipe of the Titanic is short a maze/scavenger hunt game, at most, twenty minutes long. Made by four first year game design students, and first time game jammers. The objective is to find six message-in-a-bottles, two on each deck. The previous one will not spawn before the previous is found.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 

Project Lead and Level Design: Matt Eden 

Programming and Technical Lead: Aiden Feser

3D Modeling and Level Design: Robert Rickets

Writing, Concept and Level Design: Cooper Bullock

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