The Lost Mansion of Solt Fodun

“As you took a careful step into the dark entrance hall of the manor to investigate, the door slams shut behind you! Whispers in the dark send chills down your spine... You turn around, try to open the door, but it doesn’t move at all. Equipped with a flashlight your only hope is to solve the mansion’s mysteries with the help of your partner outside. He carries an old grimoire, a written key and shimmer of hope to all that find themselves trapped inside a ghost’s lair and try to escape their undead grasp.” *** Escape the spirit that lurks inside dark halls of Solt Fodun’s mansion. Explore its rooms, find the hidden clues to solve various puzzles inside the house, and escape the horror that wanders the rooms and tries to catch you. *** We highly recommend you to play the game with at least two players and during a stream or video call. One of you acts as the character in game, while one or more additional players receive the Grimoire (PDF) that helps the players to unravel the meanings behind the clues to the puzzles and guide the player who is in charge of the character through the level.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 


  • Character Movement: W, A, S, D
  • Sprint: Shift
  • Camera Movement: Mouse movement
  • Left Mouse Button: Interact with an object
  • Right Mouse Button: Toggle flashlight

Julian Reinartz - Project Management, 2D Art, Programming, UI Design


Kwok Yen Ng - 3D Art

Nadine Lawer - 3D Art

Pascal Lorenz - 3D Art


Denis Prause - Game Design, Programming, Writing

Josef Lieberz - Game Design, 2D Art, Writing


Alexander Wilczynski - Programming

Philipp Kläser - Programming, Visual Effects


Achim Stommel - Sound Design

Simon Margreiter - Sound Design


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