Lost & Found

Diner Dash meets Raiders of the Lost Ark. You're the clerk at a warehouse that stores artifacts. People will bring you artifacts, and people will ask you for artifacts. It's your job to take in artifacts, put them in a box and store them, and then remember what you've stored where when people ask you for artifacts. When people come in to give you artifacts (the bottom right of the game), take the artifact, a box, and a label up to the packing machine (top right of the game) to package up the artifact. When the machine has completed, take the package into one of the eight storage areas in the middle of the room. When a person asks for an artifact (the bottom left of the game), pick up the box that contains that artifact, and take it to the unpacking machine (the top left of the game) to pull the artifact out of its box. Once the artifact has been unboxed, take it to the person requesting it. Controls: W/Up Arrow: Move Up S/Down Arrow: Move Down A/Left Arrow: Move Left D/Right Arrow: Move Right Z/K: Pick up/put down
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)

legosjedi - Programming, Art, Music

Zonak - Programming, Art, Music

Joe Williamson - Artifact art from OpenGameArt.

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