Light Me If You Can!

This Game is a modern way to play classic Hide & Seek! It is a PvP game which u have to run it on 2 pc at the same time and they will connect through internet and to be exact through the photon server. the main objective of the game is : keep your light on your opponent for 5 second to make him found hiding in bushes witch match your character's color will make you invisible and u can change the color of the bushes and revealing the oponnet behind it while u are seen by the opponent the progress bar on top of you character will fill and u have to run to the nearest matching color bush You can change every bush on Your way and create your territory to isolate Your opponent to the smaller areas using WASD keys for movement using mouse for looking around and mouse click for changing the bushes
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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The Game is "Lost&Found_GGJc.exe"! Game is an Online Multiplayer so 2 Players in different PC are needed. Play at the same time while connecting to a same Wifi to be able to connect to each other. Have Fun!


Ali Fazeli /Soshyant Joshaghani /Farshid baghshomali - Linkedin Profiles are available in Game Credits.

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