The "lost+found" Directory

The "lost+found" directory in Linux is a directory where orphaned data are written after an abnormal shutdown of the system. You are a 'process' that lives within a PC. Your job is to recover data that was lost in a power loss and deliver them to the 'lost+found' directory! Collect 'data bits' scattered around the playing field while avoiding getting mocked for falling into traps! This is a collect-and-transport type of platformer. Glitching orange squares are 'data bits' that you need to collect and deliver to the directory at the starting point. Transport every data bit to the directory to pass the level. As the file to recover gets larger, the number of data bits grows. Also, it seems like the person who is using this PC seems to have no discipline in organizing the data within the media! The mess appears as spikes and traps within the playing field!
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On the safe side
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
This game aims to be as modular as possible. Because of the effort, it is rather easy to expand the level list in this game. To achieve this feat, the project uses the following libraries: Zenject, UniRx, UniTask, and UniSwitcher (the author has written UniSwitcher in the past for his indie game projects. All other libraries are used with their respective licenses.)
Installation Instructions: 

Follow the instruction found in the file located at the src/ggj2021 directory.

This directory is literally a local git repository, the same as what you can clone from the repository link. However, small fixes may be pushed after the jam, so it may be beneficial to look into that instead.

If you're playing the executable directly, you may need to tell your OS to run them (GateKeeper in the macOS case.)


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