The Keening Hare: A Candlelit Folktale

One story is never enough.Though I pleaded that she read me another, my mother refused, for every page cost her dearly in candle wax. ‘Tomorrow,’ she promised, ‘I will read you the frightful story of the Keening Hare, who lives in these very woods’. With the book of fables under her arm, she snuffed out the tapers and closed the door. But I couldn’t wait. Mad with curiosity and unwilling to wait until the next evening, I resolved to seek out the Keening Hare myself. One way or another, I was going to get that story. [Move the mouse to illuminate new text and choose the direction of the story.]
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MS Windows, Mac OS X

Aidan Whelan, Gavin Whelan, Louis Triggs, Cole Swany

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Point & Click