Kambo And The Lost Journals

A long time ago humanity fled the earth as they had used and abused it to its fullest extent, no longer able to sustain life all that was left were the bots of a bygone era. Slowly these bots began to become more and more intelligent, eventually the bots began building cities, cultures and even researching new things to help heal the planet. However there was one infamous bot called Bumbo the bully bot. For no known reason Bumbo despises everything! One day Bumbo had heard of a renowned science bot called Kambo and found out that he was trying to create a way to contact the robot’s makers. Now above all else that Bumbo hates, humans are at the top. So after hearing this news, Bumbo decided to sneak into the world famous scientist’s lab and destroy all of Kambo’s work. Whilst destroying everything, Bumbo found Kambo’s secret journal and decided to run away with it so he could learn all of Kambo’s secrets and try to use them to bully everyone. As Bumbo was reading through Kambo’s journal he was ripping each page out so no one else could use it. But this journal has the knowledge inside to end all the world's problems, not just contact the humans. So Kambo chases after Bumbo the Bully following the trail of pages so that he can put his world saving journal back together again and stop Bumbo from bullying the world!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Substance Painter, 3ds max

Liam Peachey -3D Models, Textures And Rigging + Animation

Jacob Kelly - Everything Unity

Aurora - Main Menu UI

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