Island of Origins

After stranding on Island of Origins, we need to find a way to find our friends, repair our Zeppelin and fly back home. Spare parts can be found in the tombs, but the tombs are ruled by Bosses. To fight the bosses we need to find our friends back in order to win. Unlike traditional RPG's there is no leveling system, so adding more firepower to the team is the only way to win. Our friends are lost in the pyramids. These pyramids contain proceduraly generated mazes, that are about to collapse (hence the count down timer). Once collapsed, a new maze will be generated. There are 3 bosses, and 3 additional characters to add to your team.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Installation Instructions: 

Two options:

  1. Go to the release directory in "Islands of", and open output_mac/In Search of the Light/, or output_win/In Search of the Light/Game.exe
  2. Got to src/In Search of the Light and open Game.rpgproject, this is the rpg maker project file



Story: Maximilien Breughe & Michael Manesse

Level Design: Michael Manesse

Development: Maximilien Breughe

Art: Killian Glenn

Sound Effects: Delong "Miki" Lin

Plugins: Aerosys, Lantiz/Biterkid

Soundtrack: Michael Manesse

Coordination: Maximilien Breughe

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