In this game, you play one of a handful of witch and wizard apprentices at the end of their wizard training. But to become part of the inner circle of witches and wizards, you need to survive one last challenge: losing yourself to find wizard wisdom. Note that as of now, no servers are up and running. We also have a sync issue between ground tiles, making (p2p and server based) multiplayer kind of tricky at the moment. Not sure if we gonna fix it. Controls: Look: Mouse Move: WASD Shield: R (press for range indicator, release at target (character targeted)) Heal: F (Press for range indicator, release at target(ground targeted)) Ghost: G (press for range indicator, release at target (character targeted)) Fireball: Space (on Press, directed at view direction i.e. mouse position) The skills have some cooldowns, Fireball 2s, Heal 4s, Shield 3s, Ghost 30s, so don't worry if they don't work twice. Cooldown is not triggered if the skill failed (e.g. cast out of range).
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Unity (any product)
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Dmitry Alexandrovsky
Sebastian Höffner


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