Hoppy's Buried Treasure

“Hoppy’s buried treasure” is a family game for a parent and one or more children learning to count and do simple addition and subtraction. As the child gets older, you can alter the game to make it more difficult and interesting. To play, Hoppy starts the game at the number Zero on the next slide. He remembers he left his Jar at lily pad 14. Roll two dice and let your child choose one of the results. Then ask them if they want to add that number or subtract it. Once the move is decided, use the arrow keys to advance or go back the number of lily pads, counting with your child. Once you land on lily pad 14 play the congratulations video! Future plays and change the goal number or allow for more complicated maths. attempting the Family game with Math, and power point diversifiers.
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It’s You + Me, Kid - (Sponsored by Carina Fund)
The Possibilities are Endless - (Sponsored by Endless)
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Doing the power point/presentation Diversifier
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