Head Count

Just an ordinary school trip... is anyone missing? You play as a teacher during an exciting trip, and you have to avoid losing any students before going back home while trying to teach something to those energetic and distracted kids! Use your powerful teacher skills to keep them together and enjoy the trip! Controls: wasd to move, left shift(hold) to bring the map out and spacebar to interact with the monuments and the lost students! how to play: move around the map and find the monuments(red circles). when you arrive to one, hover on it and keep spacebar pressed to compleate the reading task. be careful: when a student is not seen, there is a chance that it will stop following you and start wandering around, you'll have to go back near him and hit spacebar to get him back! complete all the monuments without loosing anyone to win!
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Riccardo Testa (Reorso)

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