Guardians of The Bygone

* The player (FINDS) and collects the (LOST) treasure by killing the mummies * If the mummy touches the player he loses a life * The player should collect the toilet paper before the mummies step on it because it gives the mummies power ups (the white toilet paper increases the mummies' speed and the golden toilet paper increases the size of the mummy and it would need to be shot more times to die according to how many golden toilet papers it stepped on)
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Game developer/ game designer: Mariam Ahmed Aly

Prefabs used from assets from unity asset store: 

Tornado: Cartoon FX Free
 by Jean Moreno (JMO)

Gems: Simple Gems Ultimate Animated Customizable Pack
 by AurynSky

Toilet Paper: Toilet Paper Roll - Proto Series
 by BitGem

Water Bottles: Survival Game Tools

Player: Toony Tiny People Demo
 by Polygon Blacksmith

Mummy: Free Mummy Monster
 by amusedART

Desert: Desert Kits 64 Sample
 by 256px



Game Tags: 
Third Person