Grand Theft FF7REMAKE VR (not in VR)

This was more of a continuation of some of the previous work I started in the past. This is not a game but a proof of concept and a motorcycle riding demo. You play as Cloud Strife the ex-Solider. Since today is the 24th anniversary of the release of the game Final Fantasy 7, I thought it would be nice to spend some time working on my FF7REMAKE VR idea. I was able to implement a simple motorcycle racing game with basic controls and with custom made "motorcycle mounting" animation using Perception Neuron motion capture suit. Controls: WASD - Movement/brake Space - Handbrake Shift - Turbo C - Camera R - Reset scene I was originally intending to implement my "VR Hand controls" that I had originally created during the GDC 2019 Train Jam, but as I had issues with the Pimax Hand tracking module I recently received, I was unable to implement that in time. Future progression of this project includes: - Hand driving VR Locomation - Working VR prototype - 3rd Person disembodiment in VR - Real-world object tracking for immersive driving simulation - Hand tracking using Ultraleap and Hi5 VR Gloves - Full-body avatar control and mounting on/off motorcycle Please follow my work on: Youtube: Linkedin: Twitter:
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MS Windows, Virtual Reality platform
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Perception Neuron, Unity

Richard Borys - VR/AR/MR/Mocap Developer

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Third Person