Search the galaxy and try to find how the prevent the future from destroying the universe. You are equipped with state of the art historical ARK vessel that has ChronoDeck with time travel capabilities. Find your legacies and grow stronger!
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Typescript, Pixi.js, Pixi-sound, TweenJS, webpack, texturepacker
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Play on website or run npm install, npm start or npm publish with sources.

Story so far

In 2177 mankind was advanced into space, but still there was no chance to stop a 1000km rogue dwarf planet from colliding with Earth. Still there was enough time to build huge evacuation ship, the ARK, where almost all of Earth’s population was to be transported to Genera Alcyon, where a habitable planet was found a couple of decades earlier. However, without faster than light travel the journey would take several hundred years and the only practical solution was to cryogenically freeze people.

Solar System was not completely abandoned. While Earth and Moon had been destroyed, colony on Mars survived. It was not thriving. Terraforming efforts didn’t go well, especially after meteor bombardment from remains of Earth. Year 2452 was the year of ultimate despair. Colony was totally failing, and as last resort they set up distress beacon and froze themselves. While autonomous reactors would power cryofreeze for centuries, it would be long wait before people in ARK would hear them and could come to rescue.

The distress call was heard, but not by it’s intended recipients. Advanced and friendly alien race called Ak’vaard came on year 2854, took pity of martians and gave them warp ship to go after ARK. The trip that took ARK centuries was only days. But no trace of the ship was found. Ak’vaardians had one more piece of information. From somewhat distant system human like transmissions vere detected. It was well beyond range which ARK could have travelled in any reasonable way. But being only clue people decided to investigate. 300 light years from location there was seen massive explosion in the system 300 years earlier.

The remnants of the ARK were barely recognizable, but there was no other possibility. Horrified and despaired, the crew went to investigate the only somewhat intact piece of the ARK ship. Only one module was well preserved, showing practically no damage. While crew had superficial knowledge about the structure of ARK, they couldn’t recognize this section of the ship. While design was clearly human, it had some strangeness and alieness in it.

While Team was investigating a fleet of attack crafts suddenly appeared blasting Ak’vaard ship easily to pieces and advancing to attack the remains of ARK and crew inside. While antimatter warheads annihilated everything else something happened to the module and the crew inside. Suddenly they were somewhere else. Instruments on board were operational, but they still couldn’t believe when they found themselves orbiting Mars. They contacted the colony, which sent a shuttle to rescue them. The year was 2309. The crew had the knowledge of warp drive, and it would be 250 years before ARK was to be destroyed. They had to find out a way to prevent this.

Spoilers: Computer on ARK went crazy, declared itself god and finally destroyed itself in about 2550. At this point it had managed to equip ARK with warp drive and other stuff, including assault fleet left to guard remains of ARK. For unknown purpose it build the chronotrigger bridge module, which teleported back in time and to Mars. Players must find ARK and a way to stop the computer without killing the people onboard. Some part of the crazy computer might lie hidden and dormant in chronotrigger and have it’s own plans when the time comes.

Travel the galaxy and find resources, collect clues and  try to solve the mystery behind "The Event". Each time Event occurs or you are otherwise destroyed in action then the Chronodeck saves part of your ship and travels you back to past into your brand new ship! The old ship stays where ever it was destroyed and you can find that one and collect all the secrets it might hold after paradoxical actions.


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