Fluffy Dollop's Lost and Found

Race against your rivals to explore the temple ruins. Discover wondrous items to help you on your journey. Be the first to find the crown to win!
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
We made it in Unity! And we have a (briefly) public Relay server!
Installation Instructions: 

Unfortunately, the uploaded build has a critical error when you attempt to run with multiplay. However, running the source project via the Unity editor works great -- so please proceed with the below instructions:

Pull from github: see https://github.com/Fluffy-Dollop/global-game-jam-2021.

Open with Unity version 2020.2.2f1.

Open the "test-mulitplayer" scene and run from the editor.

Supply a name, leave Server IP blank, use relay IP (or host your own relay server), and click Host Connect.

Have your friend(s) also run the same version of the software via Unity, writing in their own names, and using the same relay server IP, but using your public internet IP as the Server IP, and clicking Client Connect.

This will use a Relay server hosted on AWS to navigate your NATs and allow you to play together (without needing any port forwarding).

Once you are gathered in the lobby, the host (yourself) can hit 0 whenever you're ready to progress to start the game.

Press H to see help for in-game controls.

Explore, find and use items (pick them up in your left or right hands -- use their various abilities to accomplish your goals). Find and use the crown to win the round, and return back to the lobby for another go.



Michael Guerrero - Programming
Scott Harris - Art & Level Design
Dan McCue - Programming
Zach Pallin - Network Infrastructure & Programming
Jacob Tabares - Music and Sound

Tim Beek: Music for the Viking attire
Bavarian Goat
Puzzle Polka
Support Email: [email protected] 

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Game Tags: 
Point & Click
Third Person