Into the Emotion

“Into the Emotion” is a 2D role-playing game created by Zeroink Studio.The team was formed by high school and college students from different regions.The theme of the game is emotion and memory.In the game, players take on the role of Yuzi, a girl who suffers from amnesia due to an injury.Her emotions become uncontrollable because she lost her key memory.She was treated by a hypnotist and witnessed her growth as an observer.The player needs to help her explore her inner recesses and recover her lost memories.There are four themed levels in the game, which correspond to four emotions: joy, anger, sorrow and fear. “Emotion” is not only the theme of the game but also the key item to beat the game. Players need to plan their use of "emotions", release the "emotion" to help Yuzi jump and dodge.Players need to explore the map and collect items scattered throughout the level by using “emotion”. As the memories become complete, Yuzi’s world goes from monotonous to colorful.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Designer:Narcissus  Designer:啊涛

Artist:阿彤    Artist:Crimson

Programmer:LukeZhang    Programmer:OrigInk

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