Drunk bear

A nice game about finding beers while avoiding a bear. But take care if the bear hit you you'll lose your flashlight and you won't be able to find the left beers. If it appens you'll have to get it back.
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On the safe side
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Download the project, extract it and run the DrunkBeer.exe file in the folder.

For moving you can use WASD on your keyboard to walk, space to jump, and shift to srpint. Dodge the bear or you will lose your flashlight, and try to get all the beers as fast as possible. Use the arrow to find the beers.


Thanks to 
Francois Sauce => code helper for unity projects

Fantasy_game_16bits => for our sounds

MalbersAnimations => for the bear assets

KenneyAssets => for the props assets

DOTween => for the code helper 

FantasyUI => for the UI

Flashlight => for the flashlight

RPGFoodAndDrinkPack => for the beer asset

To see them just type their name in the unity asset store and enjoy them :)

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