Nobody told me loot is heavy

The game is about stealing treasures from a Dragon inhabited cave. Multiple players compete who can find more treasure and escape from the cave. The catch is, the more treasure you're carrying, the slower your character moves! The beasts will not hesitate to annihilate any and all intruders of their cave by fireblasting them to ashes. Can you manage to hoard just the right amount of treasure, or will the greed of loot be the end of you? Game mechanics: Players move with WASD and toggle sneak with ALT. Treasures can be picked up by simply walking into them and must be carried to the starting point. When the dragon sees one of the players, it will try and catch you. So to win, each player will have to decide whether to take the risk and hoard more treasures, or play it safe and carry lower amounts/exit the run early.
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MS Windows
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Technology Notes: 
Made in Construct 3, paid plugin Aekiro ProUI used.
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Extract, run the NW exe


Arsi Liimatainen - Game design, coding

Roxanne Brooke - Animation, level design

Aleksi Jokitalo - Sounds, ideation

Katarína Florková - Assets

Georgi Babushkin - Character assets and design, other assets

Additional sounds from ZapSplat

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