Discover the Undiscovered - Lost the Rock, Find the Element

Players are going to discover the elements hidden by each block observing the movements and the sound generated with respond to the location of the ball thrown out. Players stay at the middle of the map and choose the direction to shoot the ball out. When the ball go through each functions, the area will give out effects to the ball. Different elements in each area have different effects to the ball. Players are going to guess the elements hidden in each block by observing the ball’s reaction. Players can click on each block to choose which element belongs to the area. If the answer is correct, the block covering the area will be removed and the user can try to choose another block to guess. Players can keep guessing until the choice of the hidden area is wrong. If the choice is wrong, users have to throw the ball again and repeat the guessing procedure. Players will win the game if all elements are chose correctly. Players can check the effects of each element by hovering the mouse to the icon of the corresponding elements at the status bar.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
C# Scripting in Unity Adobe Photoshop for Art work Adobe After Effects for game animation making


Li Hei Joy

Wong Kai Fung



Wong Chi Shun

Li Chun Ming

Lam Chun Hei


Game Design:

So Man Lung

Wong Chun Hei


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