The Depths

Controls WASD - Movement Shift - Walk Control - Run E - Interreact Space - Inspect Tab - Inventory Left and Right click - Use Left and right hand respectively Q & E with inventory open - Left and right hand respectively THE DEPTHS The Depths is a top-down stealth horror game where you have awaken in the depths of an ancient temple. This has not been touched for years, but you are not alone. A monstrous creature hunts you down, but its vestige alone causes your mind to slip. Looking at the monster for too long will result in your untimely doom. However, it cannot see. Instead it listens to your minute movements and sounds, even down to your heart beat, to find and devour you. Explore the temple, manage your resources and treasures, and find the ancient 7 sided star to open the final door and escape. But beware, as the depths will consume you...
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Gamemaker 2, Krita and Photoshop for visuals Sunvox - SFX
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The Depths - Credits -

Programming - Andrew Pyle

SFX - Emily Ingalls

Level Design and Art - Morgan Mowdy

Narrative and Art - Christalynne Pyle

Art and Animation - Cameron Ingles

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