Dash Spirit

我们设定了一只孤独的精灵主角,因为出生与其他精灵的皮毛颜色不一样,于是希望能通过危险的神秘洞穴,找到传说中的巫师,让他改变自己的皮毛颜色。 在到达巫师面前之后,巫师答应了他,他终于达成自己的心愿了。 但是他发现,他失去了更珍贵的独一无二的自己。 I am too lazy to translate it, so I used google translate. :) We set a lonely elf protagonist. Because the fur color of other elf is different from birth, we hope to find the legendary wizard through the dangerous and mysterious cave and let him change his fur color. After arriving in front of the wizard, the wizard agreed to him, and he finally fulfilled his wish. But he found that he had lost his more precious and unique self.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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