Dash Or Not

Dash is an exciting and addictive double-rocker impacting game. In the game, every second you are losing oxygen. While oxygen consistently losing, you need to collect oxygen bubble while elude enemies. Once they catch you, you will lose a wealth of oxygen. Once your oxygen storage get zero, the game is over. Besides, you can deliberately cast a oxygen bubble, lose a part of oxygen for making a sudden dash to crash enemies in front of you. And the oxygen bubble you cast would block enemies behind you. Of course, you can turn back and retrieve that oxygen bubble you lose. Moreover, you can make continuous successful dash that kill enemies to accumulate combo count. When combo gets a specific number, you will release your clutch shot. Wipe out all the enemies around you. How long can you survive in this game? Use your dash carefully!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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