Crystal Hearts

Diamanti is a cute small crystal creature. He lives happily with her lover Crysantina in the Crystal World. One wicked day, an specter from the Netherworld invades the Crystal World and attacks Diamanti and Crysantina, shattering them into pieces. Crysantina then becomes a specter herself, while Diamati loses his memories and emotions. After some time mindlessly wandering the Crystal World, Diamati is on the verge of becoming a specter as well. Unexpectedly, he happens to come across what appears to be a crystal shard. He feels weirdly attracted to it and as soon as he touches it, part of Diamanti’s memories flow back to him. This is how he discovers that his emotions are scattered around the Crystal World, and by getting them back he will become whole again. So Diamanti embarks on an adventure to find his lost emotions and defeat the spectre that put him in such a miserable path.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Krilloud, Unity (any product)
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