It's a Boardgame, with simultaneous action selection, action queue, area movement, modular ”card board” and activates in players memory and deduction sense. The game had been ported on tabletop simulator and is in betatesting phase. "During a stormy night you ventured into an old abandoned mansion to search for a mysterious object that belongs to the old owner of the mansion. You know nothing about the object. If you find it you will receive a large reward. But a sinister noise made you all run away and in the race to the exit you lost some objects you were carrying. You decide to go back to those gloomy walls to recover what you lost and to try to figure out which is the object that the owner cares so much about. Beware… your friends, who seem so willing to cooperate, could get in the way of your search"
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It’s You + Me, Kid - (Sponsored by Carina Fund)
The Possibilities are Endless - (Sponsored by Endless)
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.), Other digital platform
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Tabletop Technology
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Ported on Tabletop Simulator, in Betatesting Phase

Board game creator, Alessia Luca e Tino Dessì;
2D Artist  Daniela Siddi, Alessia Luca, Tino Dessì; 
Tabletopia porting Tino Dessì.

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