Colorful Memory

A simple memory game about color! HOW TO PLAY: - All Blinks begin in Setup Mode showing the 4 memory colors - Double-click any Blink in the cluster to begin the game - Each Blink will slowly fade up its "secret" color, then fade down to darkness - Then each Blink will begin to flash random colors - Click a Blink when the flashing color matches the "secret" color it showed in the beginning - A correct click will "lock" the Blink with a little white ribbon - The game ends when all Blinks are locked into their "secret" color - Double-click any Blink to reset back to Setup Mode GAMEPLAY TIPS: For competitive play, consider running a timer and seeing how quickly you can solve a puzzle of X size (X being the number of Blinks you are playing on) Alternatively, you can set up two players with an identical number of Blinks and the winner is the one who can solve their memory puzzle the fastest
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