You wake up. Let's see what you plan to do today. Oh you've bought some stuff at the fridge, let's check that. You could make stew or maybe curry. Curry seems good. Continue reading the book, watch TV, etc. Ah it's another good day. Sleep well. You wake up. Let's see what to do today. Do your checklist. Ah it's another proper day. Sleep well. You wake up. Let's check the checklist. Oh, you feel like making the stew, you should have the ingredients… or not. It's all fruits. Hmm, maybe you missed something. Oh well. Let's see what else to do. Sleep well. … It seems like everyday went normally and properly as you have planned on the checklist. It’s your same old room -- although sometimes things seem a bit different, you can ignore it. Some days you found your checklist is a bit absurd but well, you wrote it yourself… didn’t you? ASWD to move, Space to interact
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)
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