We will post updates to the game on the catpanions itch page at Story - Ever dreamt of controlling your very own cat conga? Yes?! Purrfect...well now you can! - Enter into the Cat Nexus, a pawsitively strange maze-world where lost cats roam the night. - Collect Catpanions and add them to your ever-growing conga line in order to enter the next levels of the maze. - Most of your furry friends will be happy to conga with you, but some of them may need a little pawsuasion! - You’ll have to hunt out secret items before presenting them to fur-midable felines. - Be careful though...You can only explore the Cat Nexus for a short amount of time. - Good luck! Controls - ‘WASD’ keys to move your character - ‘SPACE’ to open a gate once you have enough cats! Objective - Navigate through the maze and collect as many cats as possible. - Each cat will join your conga line. - Gates will require a certain number of cats in your conga line before allowing you to pass through. Tips: - Keep an eye on the time. Once time is up, you’ll be booted out of the maze. - Going through a gate will grant you extra time on your clock. - Approach a cat to get it to follow you. - Some cats may require secret items before they will follow you. Approach them and see what item they desire. - More cats means more points!
Jam year: 
Core Exercise - (Sponsored by Manticore Games)
On the safe side
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

• Sarah York : Unity dev
• Kai Oliver : Unity dev
• Arthur Brussee : The mist man
• Mary Cassin : Tech Art
• David Ly : 3D Art
• Leah Dougherty : UI Art
• Bridie Farrell : Narrative / Design
• Kanchana Konchit : Narrative / Design
• Nareice Wint: Additional credit for narrative / design
• Francine Dulong : Audio

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