Catchy Cat

A man who has a very cute cat is so cute that he can't stop petting the cat every day, which makes the cat feel very annoying. Today, this cat decides to escape this house to find her freedom, and the human seems to notice that, so he starts chasing the cat and stop her from escaping the house. Player 1 controls the human, and player 2 controls the cat. The map is the whole house. Two players start in the first room. The other rooms are all kept dark so that the cat does not know the exact way to get out. CAT: Goal: Get out of the house The cat's speed is faster than a human's and can move faster when in a dark environment, so the cat will not turn on the light and will try to turn off the light. Once the cat goes through a rode, the rode will show, and the cat will know where to go. Cat has a skill "rush", can move very fast for a while but just last for seconds, then he/she needs to get a rest. The cat can choose to hide in someplace to get a rest in order to rush again. The place can be under the bed, the couch, the table, and any area that can suit her/him. HUMAN: Goal: Catch the cat and stop her/him run out of the house The human cannot run as fast as the cat, but the human can catch the cat when the cat comes into the catching distance. The human can turn on the light to let the cat run slower. The human can find the treat bag in some rooms. When the cat is hiding under the furniture or close to the exit door, the human can use the skill "feed" to throw a treat on the floor so that the cat will come out of the furniture or leave the door to eat the treats (for a second).
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

David Sanhueza: 3D Artist

VictorMa: Programer

Christian Lee: Composer

DeborahZDD: Designer

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